Below you can find some of my programming projects, that kept me busy over the years. They may be longer or shorter in nature and can range from a small project that solves a specific problem to small code snippets that I wrote. Specifically, I have been working with and on Linux and *BSD UNIX systems and continue to do so.

Shell Scripting


Mapping Directories

Formatting USB Disks

Automounter for /dev/da* devices

Splitting Strings

Omitting files/folders when parsing directories

Creating Modular Scripts

Processing Program Dependencies

C Programming

Caesar cipher

Easy Sniff

Tabula recta

Converting chars to binary - Version 1

Converting chars to binary - Version 2

Converting chars to binary in reverse

Misc. Stuff

yahooticker - LibreOffice Calc Add-in

tar archives inside the folder to be tarred

Creating a Secure Website Login

Starting Login Applications under Gnome 2

Installing 3rd Party software on FreeBSD

Useful links and resources

Wikipedia - The Holy Grail of Wisdom

CentOS - A prominent Red Hat Linux derivative

Debian - Debian Flavor of Linux

The FreeBSD Project - Probably the most well known *BSD Unix version

tldp - The Linux Documentation Project - The Linux Kernel Archives

The Phrack Magazine - You will certainly find some cool stuff here

How Stuff Works - An always useful resource

Stackoverflow - Here is where programmers meet