I Took a Trip

I took a trip and made it back
I made it back alive
The place my journey took me to
Is called the other side
Two choices I had
Pick A or pick B
The first is called peace
The second is lead
A leads to nothing
For peace is denied
So put on your armor
And joust like a knight
For you know how they work
You've known it for some time
Fabricated fancy deeds
And cash is on the line
They try to buy you as a fool
They try to sell you cheap
Dog eats dog that's what it's like
So ain't no time to sleep

It's true the world's a battlefield
But keep your composure at ease
The very last thing that you would want
Is see them down on your knees
Too many times I've witnessed these things
The masses are herded like sheep
Be strong like a lion and smart like a fox
If you intend to break free
Lie to be true
God will forgive
And if you turn tired
Do remember this:
You can do it again
As you've done it before
Power is needed - to conquer be deep
In this world so raw

Copyright © 2009 Oliver Mahmoudi

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