The Memories of Many Summers Passed


Pondering this place lifts my heart onto lovely childhood wings
It is times unforgetable and precious I there have experienced
Visualizing I now stand here upon my penned about ground
It comes to me that it is a bell that gave my life sound
We were the kings of the forest - hearts guided by nature
Initiated to the (their) secret of life - a growing up adventure
Like this I breath deeply that cleat air of freshness
As these most sweet memories come back recollecting
But the memory light so rich and in my spirit
It is only former times to which I am commited


My present day is misty no longer is there summer
My soul now so unrestful inside rain and thunder
A stranger I've become a ghost now to this place
No longer are we bonded but gapped by large space
The cracked occured can never be recombined
For that it is too late - I made up my own mind
No other choice left - I'm bound to leave
Carrying these beautiful memories of summers passed in me
That nourish me with life
From all of their sides
Wherever I might be or hide

Copyright © 2000 Oliver Mahmoudi

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