Starting Login Applications under GNOME 2

I have a habit of wanting to start a certain number of applications each time I login into a gnome session. In particular these are:

A gnome shell

The VLC media player

A Webbroser

The LibreOffice Application

To achieve this, you can write a shell script like this:


# start a few services

bash -c "sleep 2; /usr/bin/gnome-terminal &"
bash -c "sleep 5; /usr/bin/vlc &"
bash -c "sleep 10; /usr/bin/firefox &"
bash -c "sleep 15; /usr/bin/libreoffice &"

exit 0

Place this script in the following folder:


and make it executable.

You can then register the script with the system under:

System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications

Et Voila! Next time you boot into your system or simply login to your user profile, your services will be started for you.